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A Premier Lifestyle Management Agency

Luxehaus Estate Management is a full-service boutique lifestyle management company. 

We provide services for our clientele worldwide.

At Luxehaus, we know that in this busy world, every minute counts. We take a proactive approach to anticipate our clients’ needs. Our Lifestyle Managers go out of their way to ensure that your demands are not just met, but exceeded. Let us make living easy!


Let's get personal.  Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our Luxehaus Lifestyle Managers.

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Luxehaus is here to provide all of our clients an unsurpassed range of concierge and luxury lifestyle management solutions. This specific service is designed to enhance your life, while managing your time and resources effectively. Curious to find out how you can book this service or any of our other outstanding services? Get in touch with us today.


Take the stress out of managing your home.  Let Luxehaus take care of every aspect of your estate - from staffing the perfect candidates to running a smooth and efficient household with customized white glove training.  Contact us today to discover how we make living easy.


Luxehaus supports women and their families by providing woman-focused professional services.  From work to marriage to baby carriage, Luxehaus is available every step of the way.  Book a service below.


Luxehaus develops and implements amenity programs that give companies a way to enhance and personalize residential and professional spaces.  Retain tenants with a customized amenity program.